January 3, 2009

Christmas @ Nonna & Poppa's (Pine Bluff, AR)

Drew got Elmo LIVE! He loves it!! He sings, blow kisses, and dances with Elmo.

He loves DANCING!

Christmas @ CiCi & Pop's (West Point, MS)

Drew got Pop some footed PJs, just like his!

Christmas Eve @ Mimi's (Columbus, MS)

Mimi served the BEST dinner! When she asked if anyone wanted dessert??

Drew instantly replied, "ummmm" (It was priceless)

Santa stopped in Madison, MS

Even though Drew was being bad. Look how innocent.

He loves Elmo! The big stuffed Elmo was the first thing that caught his eye.

He had a BIG Christmas at home!

Christmas @ Nanna & PawPaw's (Franklinton, LA)

Drew loves his LEGO tool set!

Hali & Hank opened 1 present early.
Hank gets cold easy and Hali had to have this trendy winter coat!